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Chair of the Board Update

February 4, 2020
Timothy L. Kuzma


This month the Alliance is preparing for its first-ever Alliance Membership 20/20 meeting on February 25 in Chicago. Member CEOs (or a designated representative) have been invited to a one-day strategy session hosted by the Alliance Board of Directors.

At this meeting, a facilitator will guide us through determining what members believe to be the most critical benefits of membership in the Alliance. Our top executives will have a chance to provide feedback on how the Alliance can thrive in several possible future states and what leadership is required in each scenario. We are pleased that over xx societies will be represented at this important meeting. To prepare for Membership 20/20, COO Allison Koppel orchestrated conference calls and the deployment of a survey in January to gather preliminary information. One helpful result of that groundwork was learning that the Alliance has not been communicating enough with its members in recent months, and therefore, my messages to the membership will become more frequent.

Information from Membership 20/20 will be used in two ways. The Alliance Board will use the data and feedback at its March Board Meeting & Retreat as it determines its long terms goals and what resources are needed to achieve them. Secondly, a CEO Search Committee, led by former Alliance Board Chair Bill O’Toole, will use the work product as they determine what core competencies are needed by Alliance staff to align with these long-term goals. We have purposely not set a deadline for the completion of the work of the Board and Search Committee. While we hope to come to conclusions in the next few quarters, these decisions will be thoughtful and carefully made.

In the meantime, Allison, our dedicated Board committees, and the staff of the management company will be working hard to ensure your membership provides great value in 2020 by delivering successful advocacy strategies, exciting networking and educational opportunities, and member benefits.

Please continue to read this new Advocacy Plus newsletter, and our other communications, to stay current on Alliance activities. As always, feel free to contact me with questions or comments at tkuzma@polishfalcons.org. I look forward to seeing someone from your society at the 20/20 meeting.