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Meeting of the Alliance Fraternal Advocacy Task Force

March 22, 2019

Federal Advocacy Task Force met earlier this month in Washington, DC, to develop the Alliance’s federal political strategy for 2019.

Because there are no tax issue storm clouds on the immediate horizon, the Task Force agreed that our advocacy efforts should focus on the reintroduction of the House and Senate Fraternal Resolutions, the recruitment of co-sponsors for both Resolutions, and the introduction of the fraternal community to the more than 100 newly-elected Members of the House and Senate. While the Alliance’s four largest societies and the lobbying firms of Thrivent and the Alliance will carry the bulk of the load on this effort, there is a role of virtually every member society in the co-sponsor recruitment and new legislator introduction campaign, which will begin in earnest in late March. The Task Force identified a secondary objective of developing system-wide emergency grassroots capabilities if a fraternal tax repeal bill was introduced and gathered momentum for 2020. This topic will be addressed during a presentation at the Alliance’s Spring Symposium and work on this project will begin in earnest in the second half of 2019.