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Alliance executives meet with new Illinois Insurance Director…

June 28, 2019

Last week I had the privilege of leading a group of executives from the Alliance’s Illinois-domiciled societies in a meeting with Robert Muriel, the state’s newly-appointed Insurance Director.  The purpose of the meeting was quite simple: introduce the fraternal community to the regulator and his staff, demonstrate the incredible impact fraternals have on the lives of nearly 500,000 members in Illinois and the communities in which they live and work, and build the foundation for a positive and productive relationship with the Department so that we can work together to foster a healthy life insurance market in the state.

Thanks to the compelling presentations by each of the executives attending the meeting, we accomplished all those objectives.

Director Muriel is new to the insurance regulatory community with a background in private practice law.  He is very engaged in community service work, however, and while he came into the meeting knowing little or nothing about fraternals, he immediately grasped the concept of behind the business model.  The variety of societies participating in the meeting – large and small; ethnic, faith-based, and general; urban and rural – and the wide variety of community service projects in which members are engaged, clearly impressed him.

Equally important, several Alliance members mentioned the improvements that they have made to their governance structure, driven in part by the NAIC Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Act.  Deputy Director Kevin Fry, who also participated in the meeting, was very impressed by societies tackling this issue in a proactive way.

This is the second such meeting the Alliance has conducted in 2019.  The CEOs from our two Michigan-domiciled members met in May with the newly-appointed Michigan Director, and a group of our fraternal leaders will be meeting with the new Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner later this month.  These meetings are critically important to our overall advocacy effort and the participation of Alliance executives in them is the key to their success.  Thanks to the entire Illinois delegation for making the effort to be there and tell your stories so effectively!

fraternal leaders met with the Illinois Insurance Director fraternal leaders met with the Illinois Insurance Director fraternal leaders met with the Illinois Insurance Director

These fraternal leaders met with the Illinois Insurance Director:
Les Bohnert and Shea Doyle, MWA; John Friederich, RNA; John Kielczewski, CSA; Mark Walsworth, COF; Roger Player, WCU; Tony Mravle, KSKJ; Frank Spula, PNA; James Robaczewski, PRCUA.