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Fraternal Resolution co-sponsor recruitment tops our advocacy efforts for fourth quarter…

September 3, 2019

From now through the end of the year, the Alliance’s federal advocacy initiatives will be laser-focused on efforts to recruit co-sponsors for the House and Senate versions of the “Fraternal Resolution” – HCR 27 and SCR 9.

Here are the specific activities that we have planned and – more importantly – how you can participate in them:

  • Letters to Members of Key State Congressional Delegations – We have sent letters to nearly 100 Representatives and Senators from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas who are not currently co-sponsors urging them to sign-on to the Resolution.  The letters were signed by the CEOs of Alliance-domiciled member societies in each state and featured the logos from each of those societies.  Letters were delivered by our federal advocacy counsel, and they will work with me to follow up with each of these lawmakers in an effort to secure their co-sponsorship. 
  • Congressional Visits by CEOs and Senior Executives in Conjunction with the Executive Summit – Our next major initiative will be Capitol Hill visits with targeted lawmakers and Alliance member society executives attending the September Executive Summit.  We’re currently organizing our member delegations and scheduling meetings with those lawmakers who received the letter asking them to become Resolution co-sponsors.  Thanks to large attendance at this year’s Summit, we expect to be able to meet with more than 50 legislators while we’re in DC.
  • Online Grassroots Campaign – In October, we will kick-off our broad-based online grassroots campaign making it as easy as possible for member societies’ key constituencies – employees, agents, local chapter leaders, and individual members – to send their Representatives and Senators an email urging them to become a co-sponsor or thanking them for signing-on to the Resolution.  We will send you detailed information on how your society can participate in this initiative following the Alliance’s Executive Summit.
  • Individual Society CEO Letters to Representatives and Senators – Following the Alliance’s Executive Summit, we will provide each Alliance member society CEO with a suggested letter for them to send to the U.S. Representative from their society’s congressional district and the U.S. Senators from their society’s state encouraging them to become a co-sponsor of the Resolution or thanking them for having signed-on to the measure. 
  • Ongoing Staff and Federal Advocacy Counsel Outreach – Our ongoing effort includes continuing to work with our federal advocacy counsel and government affairs professionals from Thrivent, Knights of Columbus, Modern Woodmen of America, and WoodmenLife to recruit co-sponsors from among the members of key congressional committees and legislators from those states with a significant fraternal presence.

You’ll be hearing more from me and the Alliance in the coming weeks on each of these initiatives.  Our goal is to recruit 110 House co-sponsors and 30 Senate co-sponsors by the conclusion of the current congressional session in 2020.  We’re almost halfway there now (SEE CO-SPONSOR LISTS HERE) and our fall 2019 efforts will not only secure additional co-sponsors this year but will also set the table for our 2020 recruitment campaign.

Watch next week’s post for a report on an event by a local Gleaner chapter for Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio) that I will be attending on September 3.  Rep. Gibbs is not currently a co-sponsor of the Alliance’s Congressional Resolution, but we hope to secure his support after this event.  This type of in-district grassroots activity is exactly what we hope we can encourage other members to conduct as it will significantly impact our ability to effectively communicate with Members of Congress and demonstrate the value of the fraternal model.