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From the sublime to the ridiculous...

April 15, 2019

It seems I’ve spent the last two weeks on airplanes, in hearing rooms, and in meetings with state and federal legislators. It’s all part of – and what I love about – my job because I have the chance to share the fraternal story with people that make decisions about how our community will be regulated. The bottom line is that I haven’t had time to organize my thoughts into a proper post for the week. But a couple of items have come to my attention that I thought I’d pass on to you. It will be back to politics and policy next week, but in the meantime, I hope you like these…

The Sublime – I’m sure you’ve all noticed that the typical fraternal audience is…mature. But did it ever occur to you that perhaps the qualities of fraternalism actually increase your chances of living to a ripe old age? I noticed this story about the long-lived people of Okinawa, who attribute their longevity to “ikigai” and “moai.” The loose translation of these two words means “a sense of purpose and a social network who share common interests and look out for each other.” Isn’t that who we are? Oh sure, diet and lifestyle are big contributors to the large number of healthy 100-year-olds on the Japanese island, but purpose and common bonds undoubtedly enhance the degree of happiness during a lifetime.

The Ridiculous – Many of you know – and share – my love of classic rock music. But any of the bands I love did not meet the “live fast and die young” fate they thought they would. I’ve joked for years that the big stadium shows of the popular bands of my youth were essentially “401(k) tours.” But the recently announced – and suddenly postponed – Rolling Stones “No Filter” tour takes the cake. It’s sole sponsor? The Alliance for Lifetime Income, a group of annuity-focused companies and distributors that target aging baby boomers. The tour has been put on hold because of Mick Jagger’s heart problems – perhaps he should take a lesson on longevity from the Okinawans (or maybe Keith Richards!).