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It’s all about the &…

June 3, 2019

While at the Alliance’s Spring Symposium last week (a huge success, BTW), I conducted some informal and unscientific research with attendees.  I simply asked, “What is your society’s most valuable member benefit?”

The answers I got included:

  • Scholarships
  • Disaster Relief Assistance
  • Discount Programs
  • Cultural Programs (Ethnic Music and Dance)
  • Social Programs (Day at the Zoo/Ballpark, etc.)
  • Opportunities to participate in community service programs

Without question, all of these are important and likely popular benefits of membership in a fraternal.  But I was surprised that not one person – not one – said something like “financial security provided by our life insurance and annuity products.”

Life insurance and annuities (guaranteed retirement income) are easily the most important member benefit Alliance members provide.  Members’ financial security is the driving force behind the creation of fraternals in the first place.  And the proceeds from our financial services operations provide the fiscal fuel for our critically important community service programs – the “differentiator” that separates the fraternal community from the broader financial services industry.

We can’t overlook or underestimate the importance of our financial services operations.  And we certainly don’t need to apologize for being in the insurance business.  It’s a noble profession that allows individuals and families to live lives of dignity and minimize the growing pressure on social safety nets.

What it all comes down to is exactly what the Alliance-sponsored branding initiative discovered: Fraternals provide their community of members the opportunity to secure their financial futures through the purchase of life insurance and annuities & help build stronger communities by supporting service projects and programs that reflect their members’ shared values.        

That’s a bell-ringer of a message that we should deliver to members, prospects, community leaders, and policymakers every day.

Let’s celebrate the &

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