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Fraternal Benefit Societies Contribute More Than $10 Million To Relief Efforts For Recent Natural Disasters

November 20, 2017

OAK BROOK, IL November 20, 2017 — The American Fraternal Alliance (Alliance), the national trade association representing 62 fraternal benefit societies in the U.S. and Canada, announced today that, as of November 10, 2017 its member societies have contributed $10,166,381 to relief efforts from recent hurricanes, wildfires and the Mexican earthquake. In addition, fraternal benefit societies donated more than $2,000,000 worth of food and supplies for disaster relief efforts in affected areas.

“The beauty of the fraternal benefit model is that these organizations are community life insurers who are perfectly structured to lend assistance to their neighborhoods, their state or their country in times of trouble,” said Joseph Annotti, American Fraternal Alliance President and CEO. “For more than one hundred years, fraternal benefit societies have served as a not-for-profit provider of financial protection products who reinvest their profits into communities to help neighbors, friends and family. During times of need, our organizations can take advantage of their chapters, already established in the community, to take immediate action to raise funds, collect supplies or provide aid where it is needed.”

Our member societies began to mount relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas on August 25, 2017. With five member societies based in Texas and more than 671,000 fraternal members and 1,800 chapters in the state, fraternals sprang into action to help both their affected members and the struggling communities hit by the storm. That storm was followed by two more devastating hurricanes – Irma and Maria – as well as the recent California wildfires and the earthquake in Mexico. The impact has left many without homes, more without power and caused serious strains on the economies of impacted areas.

While large disasters like hurricanes and wildfires typically draw national attention, each year fraternal benefit societies provide financial peace of mind for their members and give back to the communities where they live. In 2016 alone, nearly 7.9 million fraternal members devoted more than 81 million service hours and gave more than $496 million to community organizations in the United States.

About the American Fraternal Alliance

The American Fraternal Alliance promotes and supports the missions of its 62 not-for-profit fraternal benefit society members operating in 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. Alliance member societies provide a variety of life insurance and financial products for their members and nation-wide represent 7.9 million individuals, making it one of America’s largest member-volunteer networks.