An Overview of the Key Public Policy Issues, Trends, and Legislative and Regulatory Enactments that Affect the Fraternal Community


Fraternal Alliance In Action Quarterly Advocacy Review

An Overview of the Key Public Policy Issues, Trends, and Legislative and Regulatory Enactments that Affect the Fraternal Community

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Alliance in Action, a quarterly publication of the American Fraternal Alliance designed to keep members up to date on the public policy issues, trends, and legislative and regulatory enactments affecting Alliance member societies. Alliance in Action will be distributed to every individual on the Alliance membership roster because we know advocacy and policy issues impact all segments of member society operations and that Alliance engagement on these issues is our most valuable membership benefit.

Each issue will cover the latest developments on issues at the federal, state, and NAIC levels. We will provide short summaries of each topic and links so that you can access more detailed information on those issues most important to you and your society. While our focus will be on the fraternal-specific issues on which the Alliance is engaged in advocacy initiatives, we will also cover broader issues that affect all life insurers because we know that many members rely exclusive on the Alliance for such information.

We hope you enjoy Alliance in Action. We welcome your questions and comments about any of the topics covered in this issue and your suggestions to help us improve the quality of this new publication.

- Joe Annotti, President & CEO

Federal Advocacy

Meeting of the Alliance Fraternal Advocacy Task Force

The Federal Advocacy Task Force met earlier this month in Washington, DC, to develop the Alliance’s federal political strategy for 2019. Read More...

State Advocacy

Enacting Enhanced Fraternal Solvency Legislation

Wisconsin, Texas, and Pennsylvania — Following up on our success in Minnesota in 2018, the Alliance is attempting to enact enhanced fraternal solvency legislation in Wisconsin, Texas, and Pennsylvania this year. Read More...

Oregon Legislation Delayed

Legislation that would negatively impact fraternals and a host of other not-for-profit entities remains bottled up in Senate Committees at this point in the session. Read More...

Colorado Report Released

A report by the Colorado Auditors Office on the fraternal tax exemption was published on January 15, 2019. Read More...

State Legislative and Regulatory Trends on Broader Life Insurance Issues

The Alliance is currently monitoring over 300 state bills that, while not “fraternal-specific,” may have an impact on the operations of member societies. Read More...

State Legislative Enactments

Of the 300+ pieces of legislation that the Alliance is monitoring, to date, eight bills affecting life insurers have been enacted so far this year. While none of these should be particularly problematic for fraternals, reviewing the enactments may help you get a better feel for the legislative and regulatory trends affecting insurers. Read More...

NAIC Advocacy

Fraternal Blank Changes for Alliance Members

The Alliance has been working closely with the NAIC Life Risk-Based Capital Working Group on the proposed combination of life and fraternal RBC blank and instruction changes. Read More...

Annuity Suitability

The Alliance is actively engaged in an all-industry Annuity Suitability Coalition to improve the NAIC’s Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation. Read More...

Guidance on Tax Reform Law’s Impact on 2018 RBC Results

On February 22, the NAIC’s Life Risk-Based Capital Working Group adopted a guidance document entitled “Interpretation of 2018 Life Risk-Based Capital Results in Light of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Read More...

The information provided in the Advocacy Review comes from various sources, and any opinions expressed in the Advocacy Review do not necessarily represent the views of the American Fraternal Alliance. The Alliance does not verify the accuracy of the content of the Advocacy Review that comes from other sources and disclaims all responsibility for any error or ommissions in the Advocacy Review.

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