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LIC Education


American Fraternal Alliance Partners with LIC to Provide Educational Opportunities for Fraternal Executives

Life Insurers Council
A Council of LOMA

The LIC is the only organization that provides a forum for senior-level life insurance executives, primarily from small-to-medium sized companies, to exchange information and ideas across all functional areas…where shared excellence improves business for all participants.  In addition, the LIC provides exceptional value for smaller companies and fraternal benefit societies who are looking for a single resource for comprehensive services that are delivered through more intimate customized programs. This is achieved through a variety of conferences and workshops, committees and webinars, research and surveys, and by leveraging our relationship with LOMA and LIMRA.  More details on discounted fraternal rates coming soon.

For information on upcoming LIC events, click here.

To register for LIC events using an Alliance discount code, please contact info@fraternalalliance.org.

Alliance sponsors Theron Holladay and Kyle Timmerman of Parkway Advisors also support LIC meetings to expand their network.